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    Address:18th Floor, Greenland Ocean Leading Tower Plaza A, No. 1 Jinye Road, High-tech Zone, Xi'an
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    Beijing Jincheng Tongda law firm Xi'an branch is mainly responsible for the Beijing Jincheng Tongda law firm under the Northwest Branch of the business, in the upsurge of western development potential should stand, founded in 2001, the high end business market and occupy the area of legal services in a very short period of time, for the large state-owned enterprises, many listing Corporation, Foreign capital company. Government agencies and financial institutions to provide efficient and high quality legal services. Xi'an branch director by the company with the securities, financial and other fields have a rich experience in the practice of Fang Yan as a lawyer. The Xi'an branch has attracted a large number of senior lawyers and lawyers, accountants, compound real estate appraisers and other professional in a. High level talents.

    Xi'an Branch existing lawyers and paralegals nearly 20 people, forming a full of vigor and vitality, solidarity of competent lawyers. Reasonable Xi'an Branch of the lawyers and the age structure and the structure of knowledge, each lawyer has a solid theoretical foundation and practice experience, can independently handle complex, abstruse legal issues.

    Xi'an branch at the office address is located in the core area of Xi'an National hi tech Industrial Development Zone, office area of 400 square meters, equipped with modern office automation equipment, network system and conference system.

    Xi'an Branch has the following characteristics: to target customers to provide creative and practical solutions; quick response and personalized legal services; the business of deeply and extensive practical experience; have in the business field of outstanding achievements and rich experience of lawyers; and government agencies has good relations of cooperation, as opposed to the traditional law of advanced and efficient management system.

    Xi'an Branch will uphold Tongda law firm, now has two divisions: securities companies and real estate and Litigation Department, in the perennial legal counsel, securities companies, intellectual property, real estate, finance, litigation and arbitration. Many areas of legal services made excellent performance.



    Address:29th Floor, Sunny World Center, No. 10-3 Youhao Street, Shenhe District, Shenyang
    Zip Code:110013
    Tel:86-24-2334 2988
    Fax:86-24-2334 1677

    Tongda law firm Shenyang branch (hereinafter referred to as "Shenyang branch") approved by the Liaoning Provincial Department of justice was established in March 2002, the existing 9 people (including senior partner partner of 4 people, 5 people, a partner) practicing lawyer, lawyer and assistant secretary of 39 people, including doctoral degree (including reading) 4 people, master and bachelor's degree (including reading) 16 people, legal and other professional undergraduate 11 people, some lawyers and other professional degrees and other professional titles, the average age is about 30 years old. The Shenyang branch is in Liaoning Province, Shenyang city "AAA Cheng law firm lawyers of Liaoning Province"; Party building work advanced unit in Liaoning province; the reform of non tradable shares and to promote the listing of expert group members of the unit; the Economic Commission of Liaoning province enterprise reform advisory unit; Liaoning province lawyers practice base ", Liaoning province economic management personnel department of foreign-related legal practice base" "; 20072008 for two consecutive years was awarded by the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of justice and striving for" four first-class "advanced unit; in 2008 by the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Justice awarded the" Shenyang City lawyer service quality year "advanced unit; Shenyang City Intermediate People's Court of the first batch of bankruptcy administrator storage 10 lawyers one.

    Shenyang where the talent selection, adhere to the knowledge structure, integrated quality, professional ability of high standard, considering the rationality of personnel age structure, pay attention to the cultivation of talents echelon, now brings together the UK Glasgow University, the University of Aberdeen, the Bournemouth University, Northumbria University, Nankai University, Wuhan University, American Century University, Jilin University Tongji University, Zhejiang University, China University of Political Science and Law, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Wuhan University of Technology, Dalian Maritime University, Northeastern University, Liaoning University, and other international and domestic famous universities graduate talents; in the organizational structure, the firm's staff experience, knowledge structure and professional expertise to set up a company based financial securities, tax, real estate, intellectual property, international affairs and litigation and arbitration etc. the business department, a customer service department, the Department of administrative affairs and strategy Business Development Committee, the steering committee. In the cultural construction, firm lawyers to customers sincere, loyal to the law belief and people-oriented management idea; to determine the development of the legal profession, rich personal life; to provide quality services, safeguard the interests of customers; social justice, the core value of the construction of the rule of law environment "concept of vision; in the service facilities, in Shenyang City Plaza (InterContinental Hotel) the first 12 floors of the office, the first to set up the LAN and the Internet connectivity based management platform in Liaoning LLP, realizes the paperless office and remote office; in the service position, to Shenyang top enterprise as the service object, as a lawyer specialization and teamwork as a service model, combined with the strategic layout of Tongda service network, providing customers with high quality, efficient, comprehensive legal services.

    And legal issue, by the provincial Economic Commission, the provincial finance office, the Provincial Tourism Bureau, the municipal finance office, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the City Property Bureau, Fushun Municipal government, Shenhe District government and other government organs and the relevant departments, education foundation, the provincial scientific research institutions; Brilliance Jinbei, Jinshan, machine tool company, Songliao automobile, UNITA group, sunshine 100, Wuai group and other top companies, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, the bank, the Agricultural Bank of China, PU, China Everbright Bank, wide issue, Bank of China and other financial institutions bear conventional or special legal advisor and provides comprehensive, value added service, Shenyang branch all the lawyers for the revitalization of the northeast Liaoning enterprises, institutions, growth and development and make its due contribution.

    Main business:

    When the company's securities business: including company formation, restructuring and listing (IPO), mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy liquidation etc.;

    After the financial tax business: including project financing, mortgage, bank bills, tax planning, insurance business;

    When real estate business, including land, demolition, construction, development, sales of commercial housing, property services, property management, tendering and bidding business;

    ] international business, including foreign investment, international trade, international technology transfer, international engineering contracting, BOT, concession, international business negotiations.

    This intellectual property business: including the transfer of technology, trademark, patent, business secret, copyright, intellectual property protection and other services;

    This business: including litigation and arbitration of international commercial arbitration and domestic arbitration, litigation and other services.



    Address:10th Floor, Tower 1, Zhongrunshijifeng, No. 12111 Jingshi Road, Lixia District, Jinan
    Zip Code:250014
    Tel:86-531-8646 5166
    Fax:86-531-8646 0666