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Enforcement of International Arbitral Awards in China

2017-12-04ARTICLES Zhang Yunyan   Zhang Yunyan; Zhao Ziyu

With the development of international economic and trade integration and the promotion of The Belt and Road initiative, the arbitration has been chosen more and more as a settlement mechanism of international commercial disputes by global enterprises, China enterprises are no exception, and Chinese enterprises are no exception. China recently approved to join The Hague Convention on the Choice of Court Agreements in September 2017.More

Practice of Family Management in China and Some Reflections

​In recent years, family wealth management has received extensive attention in China. Hot issues related to inter-generational transition, public charity, cross-border investment, overseas listing, celebrity divorce, inheritance disputes and so forth are constantly triggering our reflections on family trust and family wealth management.More

Highlights on China’s comprehensive regulatory reform of drugs and medical devices

2017-10-29ARTICLES Rocky Wu吴永胜  

​ China has been endeavoring to make comprehensive and fundamental regulatory reform of drug and medical device, in particular in the drug and medical device registration system.More

Mining in China: overview

2017-10-27ARTICLES WU Guohua(Annie)   Yingnan (Jason) Li

This article highlights some of the key legal issues commonly associated with the exploration and extraction of mineral resources in China. These issues form part of any due diligence exercise conducted by an investor proposing to acquire mining assets or an interest in a mining project.More

How to Prepare Copyright License Contract under China Case Law Landscape?

2017-10-26ARTICLES Rocky Wu吴永胜  

​ Both the movie and TV series San Sheng San Shi Shi Li Tao Hua have been very popular in China. They were the derivative audiovisual works based on the literary work with the same title. Thus a number of online game developers are eager to make the online game derivative work San Sheng San Shi Shi Li Tao Hua.More

Strategy for foreign rights holders against TM squatting in China

​A large number of companies with brands that have had a significant history and degree of notoriety abroad did not in the past place any great importance on registering their brands as trademarks in China because their major markets were not in the country. The sales of some brands in China have been aided by domestic distributors, but they, too, failed to register their trademarks in such situations.More

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