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Questions for the International Comparative Legal Guide to: Mining Law 2019 (China)

2018-09-26ARTICLES WU Guohua(Annie)   Yingnan (Jason) Lee

This news alert is published solely for the interests of friends and clients of JT&N and should in no way be relied upon or construed as legal advice. The views expressed in this publication reflect those of the authors and not necessarily the views of JT&N.More

Mining in China: Overview (2018)

2018-05-01ARTICLES WU Guohua(Annie)   Yingnan (Jason) Li,

This article highlights some of the key legal issues commonly associated with the exploration and extraction of mineral resources in China. These issues form part of any due diligence exercise conducted by an investor proposing to acquire mining assets or an interest in a mining project. More

Enforce Right of Communication through Information Network in China

2018-03-30ARTICLES Rocky Wu吴永胜  

Wolf Warriors II is a very successful movie in China, which has ranked the first place in box office in China as well as the first movie which listed into the top 100 movie in box office. The leading Chinese online video provider Youku has got its exclusive license right of communication through information network (“Right of Network Communication”).More

Issues on Assessing Trademark Similarity in Chinese Law Practice

2018-02-06ARTICLES Rocky Wu吴永胜   Rocky Wu

Recently the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board of China (“TRAB”) re-determined that the trademark YI BEI QING (易倍清) No. 7014411 shall be invalid based on the judgment of Beijing Higher Court ((2017) Jin Xing Zhong No. 2525). The original conclusion of the TRAB in this case is different from that of both the trial court and appeal court.More

Enforcement of International Arbitral Awards in China

2017-12-04ARTICLES Zhang Yunyan   Zhang Yunyan; Zhao Ziyu

With the development of international economic and trade integration and the promotion of The Belt and Road initiative, the arbitration has been chosen more and more as a settlement mechanism of international commercial disputes by global enterprises, China enterprises are no exception, and Chinese enterprises are no exception. China recently approved to join The Hague Convention on the Choice of Court Agreements in September 2017.More

Practice of Family Management in China and Some Reflections

​In recent years, family wealth management has received extensive attention in China. Hot issues related to inter-generational transition, public charity, cross-border investment, overseas listing, celebrity divorce, inheritance disputes and so forth are constantly triggering our reflections on family trust and family wealth management.More

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