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The First Senior Partners’Meeting of JT&N for 2019 Is Successfully Held in BTG Fragrant Hill Hotel

2019-03-25/ FIRM NEWS/

During March 23-24, 2019 when the bright and beautiful spring, gentle and warm breeze, tall grass and flying nightingales make a good time for mountain climbing and hiking, the First Senior Partners’ Meeting of JT&N for 2019 was grandly held in BTG Fragrant Hill Hotel, a place haunted by beautiful sceneries throughout the year. Nearly 100 senior partners from Beijing head office and 9 branch offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hefei, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shenyang, Xi’an and Jinan attended the meeting.

Lawyer Zhengzhong PANG, Director of the Management Committee of JT&N and Lawyer Yu TIAN, Director of the Strategy Committee of JT&N jointly presided over this 2-day Senior Partners’ Meeting. The meeting firstly passed the proposals submitted by the Management Committee and the Strategy Committee including the 2018 Work Summary Reports and the Work Plans for 2019, and commended some senior partners with outstanding performances.

Comprehensive Contribution Award

Zhengzhong PANG


Hongmin ZHOU

Yunyan ZHANG

Guodong ZHANG

Teamwork Award

Guozhong SHAO

Brand Construction Award

Junwu ZHOU

Social Responsibility Award

Hongyu LIU

This meeting promoted and absorbed 12 senior partners, most of which are post-80s, with an average age of 38, and are specialized in a variety of service areas such as capital market, real estate, and intellectual property. The injection of more and more fresh blood has brought JT&N more passion and vitality. At the same time, the meeting also deliberated and approved the proposal for the expansion of the leased office space of JT&N Shanghai and JT&N Shenzhen. Relying on the core geographical advantages of Lujiazui, Shanghai and Futian District, Shenzhen, JT&N will create a broader, and more complete and intelligent office environment to attract talents.

Only with healthy and perfect system and advanced management ideas can a more desirable future be created. Keeping innovation and advancing with the times has always been the ideological banner of JT&N for its steady development. Every step of JT&N's development depends on not only the excellent vision of the founding partners, but also the strong rise of the new forces. Another important achievement made at the meeting was the four important reform proposals deliberated and approved through extensive and enthusiastic discussion among the senior partners present: reform of core management system, reform of business development and management system, reform of branch office development and management system, and management of the policy on the retirement of senior partners. In addition, all senior partners conducted deep discussions on the development plan for and cultural construction of JT&N over the next five years.

Yu TIAN: Development Plan for the Next Five Years

Zhihai LIU: Reform of the Management Architecture

Xiaodong ZHENG: Reform of Business Development and Management System

Zhengzhong PANG: Reform of Office Development and Management System

Baoyin HE: Partnership Duration and Retirement Management of Partners

Debin YU: Cultural Construction and Development

This meeting will be a significant and far-reaching meeting in the development history of JT&N, laying a foundation for the underlying, structural and strategic institutional arrangements of JT&N, and symbolizing the cornerstone for all partners of JT&N to work together and continue to move forward while never forgetting their original aspiration.


Group photo of senior partners attending the First Senior Partners’ Meeting of JT&N for 2019

Looking ahead to 2019, we will continue to better serve the domestic and foreign legal market with pioneering and enterprising spirit, dedicated and cooperative attitude, inclusive and sympathetic passion, colorful and compatible character. Instead of standing still and refusing to make progress or improperly belittling ourselves, we should take “serving clients, building China and repaying society” as our mission, strive to become a first-class law form and move forward steadily with high-quality business and service.

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