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The First Senior Partners’ Meeting of JT&N in 2021 Was Successfully Held in Qingdao

2021-03-21/ FIRM NEWS/

On March 20-21, 2021, the first senior partners’ meeting of JT&N in 2021 was successfully held in Laoshan, Qingdao at a time when spring has come back to the earth and the air is full of vigor, with more than a hundred senior partners from 13 branch offices across the country gathering in Qingdao to complete the meeting together; meanwhile, the team building activity for senior partners of JT&N in 2021, i.e. the “Come and Run ? Listen to the Sea Breeze” Qingdao Mini Marathon, was held on the Shilaoren Beach, Laoshan, Qingdao.

At this senior partners’ meeting, the revisions of relevant policies and procedures, the overall operations in 2020, the key work plans in 2021 and other related matters were reported, and the establishment of and preparations for the branch offices in Qingdao, Hong Kong and Hainan, as well as the recruitment and promotion of new partners were reviewed and reported; meanwhile, some senior partners with outstanding performance were commended.

At this meeting, 15 senior partners were newly promoted or recruited, most of whom were born in the 1985s, with their expertise covering a number of practice areas such as dispute resolution, capital markets, private equity, real estate, energy and natural resources, and compliance. With the joining of more and more new forces, more and more passion and vitality have been brought to JT&N.

Look back on 2020 and look forward to 2021. In the past year which is rather special, all JT&Ners have overcome the difficulties together, and faced up to the challenges with persistent pursuit. In this hopeful year yet to come, we will eradicate the old and foster the new and courageously march forward to constantly open up the legal markets at home and abroad, and use our profound expertise and rich practical experience to provide each and every client with more professional and sound legal services with our best efforts.


“Come and Run ? Listen to the Sea Breeze”

2021 Qingdao Mini Marathon of JT&N Senior Partners

On the first day of the meeting, the senior partners participating therein carried out a mini-marathon team building activity along the coast of Shilaoren Bathing Beach with a beautiful scenery. Shilaoren is a typical landscape for marine-abrasion stacks on the bedrock coast of our country. The old man rests his cheeks in his hand, gazing afar and deep in meditation, who welcomes the sun in the morning and sees off the sunset glow in the evening on each and every day, and who goes through many vicissitudes of life with the ebb and flow. This masterpiece of art carved by nature has become an important symbol of the Shilaoren National Tourism Resort , and is also a famous tourist attraction in Qingdao. The mini-marathon starts from Shilaoren Beach in the east and ends at the Haizhifeng Square in the west, the beautiful scenery and rich artistic sculptures along which have lightened the participants to be high-spirited, vigorous and energetic, and walk as if on wings.

At 9 o'clock in the morning, the partners participating in the team building activity assembled on the Shilaoren Beach, and Chen YANG, director of the Decision-Making Committee of JT&N, made a mobilization speech. With the warm-up of the passionate Zumba dance coming to an end, the mini-marathon officially started after the whistle of Mr. Bin ZHENG, founding partner of JT&N.

Accompanied by the sparkling sea surface and the gentle sea breeze, and breathing the fresh air, every participant took vigorous step, and stopped to take pictures from time to time. All partners participated in the mini-marathon throughout the process. Afterwards, everyone returned to the Shilaoren Beach, and carried out the Zumba dance and tug-of-war competitions under the guidance of the team building coaches. The members in every team were united as one and worked together to fight for the victory of their team.

As the old saying goes: A single thread can’t make a cord nor a single tree a forest. JT&Ners have adhered to the concept of “Integrity and Honesty, Diligence and Mutual Growth” at all times, strengthened the rapport and drawn the distance close between each other in team building activities just to jointly march forward and create a better future with closer connection, fuller enthusiasm, and unity and cooperation.

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