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Reaching A Strategic Cooperation, JT&N and Fudan University Held the Plaque Awarding and Engagement Ceremony and the Forum for Innovation and Reform in Equity Investment

2021-05-06/ FIRM NEWS/

On April 27, 2021, the signing and plaque awarding and engagement ceremony for the strategic cooperation between JT&N and Fudan University Law School and the forum for the innovation and reform in equity investment was grandly held at Fudan University Law School, which was presided over by Yu DU, deputy dean of Fudan University Law School.

Zhiqiang WANG, dean of Fudan University Law School, and Mr. Lelei YE, executive director of JT&N Shanghai Office, delivered speeches on behalf of the organizers of the conference and the forum respectively, and both parties looked back upon the good cooperation between JT&N and Fudan University in the past. Mr. YE pointed out that JT&N always pays attention to and value the cultivation of young legal talents, and has invested a lot of manpower and material resources to provide a practical platform for the growth of young legal talents over the years. With meticulous and rigorous scholarship and good reputation, Fudan University Law School is an important source for the young attorneys of JT&N.  JT&N will continue to hold fast to its original intention of mutual benefit and giving back to the alma mater and the society to support the development and construction of Fudan University Law School.

Subsequently, dean WANG and Mr. YE signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of the two parties, and awarded plaque for the "Fudan University Law School - JT&N Shanghai Office Teaching and Research Practice Base".



- Signing and Plaque Awarding -


Left: Dean Zhiqiang WANG      Right: Mr. Lelei YE

In order to further strengthen the cultivation of legal talents, Fudan University Law School decided after research to engage seven senior attorneys (namely Lelei YE, Chengchen GAN, Xiaochen YING, Kai PENG, Tingting CHEN, Lili JIANG and Hongdeng LI) from the firm as practice mentors, and also ten attorneys (namely Lelei YE, Chengchen GAN, Xiaochen YING, Zhonghua XU, Kai PENG, Tingting CHEN, Chen LI, Yingchuan CHEN, Lili JIANG and Hongdeng LI) from the firm as lecturers for the practical courses, of the students studying for the Juris Master’s Degree at Fudan University Law School to provide guidance to the study and practical activities of the postgraduate students for the Juris Master’s Degree. At the ceremony, dean Zhiqiang WANG, deputy dean Yu DU, deputy dean Shigang LI, professor Housheng DUAN, professor Wei WANG and professor Lingyan XU of Fudan University Law School awarded the letters of appointment to the foregoing attorneys.

At the meeting, the two parties conducted detailed discussions on the goals and approaches of the practice base for the postgraduate students studying for the Juris Master’s Degree, and the practical courses of such postgraduate students, especially the design and arrangement of equity investment courses; meanwhile, the parties also looked forward to the prospects for future cooperation between them in various fields. In addition, the parties also hoped to strengthen cooperation in monograph publication, project application, case collection, high-end forums and other aspects.

In addition, discussions were also made on the theme of the “Innovation and Reform of Equity Investment” at the meeting. The scholars and attorneys attending the meeting shared their opinions on the two topics of “localization strategy of venture capital” and “opportunities and challenges under the new normal” from the perspective of the core clauses and the essence of investment, typical cases and solutions, and risk control and compliance in investment practice.

Taking the cultivation of young legal talents as its own responsibility, JT&N has successively reached strategic cooperation with dozens of strong law schools in China in recent years for the cultivation of remarkable talents for the rule of law, including East China University of Political Science and Law, Tongji University and China University of Political Science and Law. In this way, it is aimed to make joint efforts to cultivate high-quality talents to provide constant talent reserve for the legal industry and the construction of a law-based society through the organizing of special lectures on judicial practice and entrepreneurship practice, the joint building of off-campus talent training bases and student practice bases, the joint exploration of public welfare activities in the field of education on the rule of law and other means.

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