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JT&N Helps Chinese Company in Shrimp Industry to Win Zero Tax Rate in the Initial Award of the Sixth Annual Re-examination of Anti-dumping by US DOC

2012-02-24/ RECENT DEALS/

On February 24, 2012, the US Department of Commerce (DOC) made an announcement determining an initial award on the sixth administrative re-examination of the anti-dumping case against  frozen and canned warm-water shrimp originally produced inChina(see the table below).

The announcement follows DOC’s conduct of an anti-dumping investigation on January 27, 2004 into frozen and canned warm-water shrimp originally produced inChina. On December 8, 2004, DOC determined a final award on the anti-dumping case, judging that the dumping margin of the Chinese company suspected in the case was between 0.07% and 112.81%.

JT&N, along with Grunfeld, Desiderio, Lebowitz, and Silverman & Klestadt (GDLSK), was appointed as the agent of the company suspected in the case, Hong Kong-based Hiltop International. As a result of the work of JT&N and GDLSK, Hiltop International won a zero tax rate in this latest initial award, in contrast with the Chinese national tax rate of 112.81%.

During the first annual administrative re-examination of anti-dumping by DOC, Yilin Enterprise Company, the predecessor of Hiltop International, won a zero tax rate, also with the help of JT&N and GDLSK. During the third re-examination, Yilin reached a compromise with theUSindustry. In the fourth and fifth re-examinations, it achieved a zero tax rate. If the award of a zero tax rate for Hiltop International is maintained in the final judgment of the sixth re-examination, the anti-dumping duty order against Hiltop International will be rescinded.

Initial award of US Department of Commerce in the sixth anti-dumping administrative re-examination against frozen and canned warm-water shrimp produced in China


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