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JT&N Helps Languang Development revitalize the top bidder project in Nanjing

2018-10-16/ RECENT DEALS/

Recently, Sichuan Languang Development Co., Ltd. successfully revitalized the Nanjing top bidder project, which has recently made a typical case of upgraded legal services for real estate investment and financing. As the legal advisor of Languang Real Estate, JT&N appointed senior partner Guoliang HE to lead a lawyer team to provide whole-course legal services for the project.

On Apr 15, 2016, Jingaogang Group won the bid for 8-3 B2 plot of Qilin Science and Technology Innovation Park in Jiangning District, Nanjing for a total price of RMB 4.76 billion and became the then top bidder at Qilin Science and Technology Innovation Park, Nanjing. In order to won the top bidder project, Jingaogang Group carried out highly leveraged financing. As the highly leveraged financing debts became due and the real estate market price was severely restricted, the top bidder project was shut down due to broken capital chain and suffered from concentrated outbreak of disputes.

After the initiation of urgent restructuring of the top bidder project, several powerful real estate companies, including Languang Development, participated in the acquisition negotiations. However, the legal issues of control, policy-based price limitation, existing and potential litigation disputes of the project company and many other difficult issues exposed by the top bidder project finally deterred many proposed receivers.

As the legal advisor of Languang Development, JT&N, led by senior partner Guoliang HE and partner Shanyin DAI, carried out full cooperation with the legal team of Languang Development, deeply participated in the due diligence investigation into the acquisition of the top bidder project, resolved important legal issues with joint efforts, and helped Languang Development revitalize the difficult top bidder project with highly professional legal services.

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