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JT&N Assisted International Brand “Ted Baker” to Establish A Joint Venture in Greater China

2019-04-11/ RECENT DEALS/

On April 10, 2019, No Ordinary Designer Label Limited (trademark owner of the international brand “Ted Baker”), a British listed company, formally signed a joint venture agreement in Hong Kong with LONGGOAL Holding Co. ,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “LONGGOAL Group”), planning to launch comprehensive business cooperation in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau and exclusively operate the business of all Ted Baker stores in Greater China; meanwhile, the parties will simultaneously inject CNY 100 million for the sustainable development of the brand “Ted Baker”, and the joint venture will have the permanent and exclusive license in Greater China and the rights for independent production and design, aiming to add new Chinese elements into the international brand and help it further explore the Chinese market.

As a lifestyle brand with a good reputation worldwide, the British brand “TED BAKER” is mainly engaged in the design, distribution and retail of high-quality clothing and other products branded with “TED BAKER”. LONGGOAL Group is a fashion group dedicated to leading the fashion concept of consumption and creating a diversified lifestyle, and owns several well-known international brands including GANT, BEBE and THOMAS PINK. This strong cooperation between LONGGOAL Group and the brand TED BAKER is aimed at realizing the localization of the brand, tapping and stimulating the huge growth potential of the TED BAKER brand in the Chinese market, so as to seek more meaningful long-term development.

The project was led by senior partner Chengchen GAN, and team partners Yuanyuan XU and Hongxiang SHEN participated in the project throughout the process, who provided a full range of high-quality services from the design of the transaction structure, the application for overseas investment, the drafting and negotiation of the transaction documents to the due diligence, thereby providing support and guarantee for the project of the client in a rigorous, efficient and professional manner.

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