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JT&N Held Lecture of “Protection of Banks from
Legal Risks during Financial Crisis”


20090927093439754.jpgOn September 25, 2009, JT&N successfully held a lecture in “Financial Crisis and Protection of Banks from Legal Risks” in Huaxia Bank Building.The speaker was Mr. Hou Tailing, manager of the Legal Department, Head Office of China Construction Bank, who was invited by our Department of Finance. From his professional perspective, Mr. Hou analyzed the reasons behind this financial crisis that has swept across the globe and the legal risks confronting the banking industry by taking into consideration the background and characteristics of the banking industry. In the end, he offered his own views on the existing legal risks of Chinese banking industry, including the commercial banks, based on its current stage of development.

The lecture lasted for only two hours, but received many favorable comments from the participating lawyers. Present at the session were partners of our firm Guan Jun, Bai Wenxian, Cai Wenhai, Zuo Hui, Wang Xi, Liu Xingyan and Liu Lu and many lawyers from various departments.

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