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The 7th JT&N Cup of Contract Translation Contest for 7 Universities in Beijing Closed with Success

2019-05-16/ PRO BONO/

On May 15, 2019, the award presentation ceremony for the 7th JT&N Cup of Contract Translation Contest for Seven Universities in Beijing was held in JT&N Beijing office. JT&N senior partner Ms. Chelsea LI attended the ceremony and gave advice to the award-winning university students.

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The award presentation ceremony of the sixth JT&N Cup of Contract Translation Contest for Seven Universities was held at JT&N on May 15, 2019, following the successful conclusion of the one-month-long contract translation competition. Award winners from seven universities and representatives from the organizers attended the event. The winners visited sponsor, JT&N’s office, shared views and had discussions on various topics of commonly interested to them. All the students were impressed by JT&N’s outstanding presentation, practice and corporate culture.

The contest is a popular event among the students in China University of Political Science and Law, University of International Business and Economics, Renmin University of China, China Foreign Affairs University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Central University of Finance and Economics and Beijing Normal University, and has attracted nearly 500 students from those universities. Through pre-contest training, preliminary test and final written contests, twelve contestants outshone their peers and won the prizes for their exceptional legal knowledge and English skills.

At the backdrop of the “Belt and Road” initiative, China has stepped up its opening to the outside world. As result, high demand for legal services for involving foreign businesses has grown tremendously, along with the rapid development of the foreign trade market. It is under such circumstances that the need has drastically increased for high-end legal professionals who not only have best knowledge of law, but also have good command of English, international laws, and are capable of participating in global market and international business.

Ms. Chelsea Li, gave a great talk by citing anecdotes and drawing on her professional experience in providing legal services to foreign investors, customers and clients, shared her insights on legal life and English studies. Ms. Li particularly emphasized that English is a basic tool and skills for every law practitioner who advise foreign clients. Apart from Chinese law, the students should also familiarize themselves with the laws and legal practices in the United Kingdom and United States and other common law countries, and be able to advise the clients in English clearly, apply the laws, solve problems for clients and protect the client’s interests. These are the essential qualities of the good lawyers.

Ms. Li had given detailed answers to questions raised by the students, such as “what is deemed as a good associate in the eyes of partners”, “how to balance work and life” and “how to conduct legal research, analyze issues and cases, and finally draft legal opinions”. She encouraged the students to keep their curiosity and the passion for learning while continuously broadening their minds and hone their professional skills. All the students found her talk was very enlightening and impressive.

After the Q&A session, students visited JT&N offices and took a glimpse at the working status and atmosphere of JT&N’s lawyers.

JT&N is committed to training young legal professionals in the past 20 years, it has established strategic talent training partnerships with dozens of top law schools in China, including China University of Political Science and Law. The firm has been actively involved in high-end training programs and contributed to its own development and the national “rule of law” campaign with a reliable supply of fully-qualified legal specialists, by organizing themed seminars on legal practices and entrepreneurship, jointly building off-campus training and practice bases and sponsoring legal training courses and public events that promote legal education.


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